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Budgets: the fiscal year starts on July 1st

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Reallocated funds:

Apply online for reallocation funds.
(The request needs to be submitted before the 2nd Thursday of the month for review by the Community Forum on the 4th Thursday of the month).


Neighborhood Council Leadership Team Duties  
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  1. Chip Seal Program Runs July 23 - Aug. 17 on Missoula Streets

    Chip seal is some of the best insurance your city streets can buy. For about one-quarter the cost of new asphalt, it seals out moisture, protecting the surface of streets and helping to prevent potholes. Chip-sealed streets wear better and last longer. Learn more...
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  1. Jane Kelly

    Neighborhood Coordinator

    Ph: 406-552-6081
    Fx: 406-327-2187

    Karen Gasvoda

    Program Assistant

    Ph: 406-552-6084
    Fx: 406-327-2119

    Sylvia Borstad

    Outreach Assistant

    Ph: 552-6082


    435 Ryman
    Missoula, MT 59802


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