Legislative bills proposed by the Montana State Legislature followed by the City of Missoula are found here.The purpose of the page is to provide a list of proposed state legislation that may affect the City of Missoula during the 2015 Montana State Legislative session.

How to Comment
Comments on bills tracked by the City of Missoula will be taken during the public comment period at City Council meetings, submitted by email or by telephone.

Information posted here or messages sent about content posted here are considered city business and may be considered public or private records depending on its content. The City of Missoula is often required by law to provide public records to individuals requesting them. The city is also required by law to protect private, confidential information.  This message is intended for all users of Missoula in Session.

City Position on Bills
Explanation of positions:
  • Undecided (blank) - no decision about the bill has been made
  • Watch - the City needs to be aware of this bill and its outcome, but we don't have position on it
  • Support
  • Support with amendments
  • Oppose 
  • Amend
2015 Legislative Session
Information about the legislature and a list of all bills can be found on the Montana Legislature's website.