Business Licensing

Business Licensing is part of Development Services, located on the west end of the main floor of City Hall at 435 Ryman Street.  Call (406) 552-6121 or email for more information. 


The Business Licensing Division provides a service to the citizens of Missoula and Missoula businesses. Our objective is to assist applicants in obtaining the appropriate license and ensure compliance with all Missoula Municipal Code ordinance provisions related to businesses providing a service within the city limits (Title 5).

Specifically, the Business License staff issue business licenses, process applications, and answer general questions pertaining to new and existing business licenses.

Additionally, we assist applicants in the completion of their application and follow-up on the approval and issuance of business licenses. All written and verbal business complaints received are followed up on by the business license staff.

Learn how to apply for a business license.

Frequently Asked Questions
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