Planning, Zoning & Land Use


The City Planning section manages Growth Policy requirements and legislative initiatives of the City Council and Administration as they relate to that policy. The section facilitates a long-range vision for the community that is implemented through adopted plans, policies, code, and partnerships. For more information, call (406) 552-6630.


Zoning is decided through public processes to determine what type of development is allowed in different areas of the city. The primary purpose of zoning is to protect and promote the public health, safety and general welfare for people living and operating in the city of Missoula.

Land Use

The Land Use division of Development Services is responsible for review of projects that include land divisions and zoning district changes. Land Use review ensures that development is supported by orderly and efficient provision of services throughout the City of Missoula, to prevent overcrowding of land, lessen congestion in streets and highways, provide adequate light, air, water, sewage disposal, parks and recreation, ensure adequate access, and to protect the rights of property owners. For more information on the different types of Land Use development review, see our Land Use page or contact the Land Use and Zoning Information Desk at (406) 552-6625.

Planning Documents and Land Use Regulations

Find a list of links to the City of Missoula's numerous planning policy, land use and regulatory documents including zoning and subdivision regulations. Comprehensive, neighborhood, and area plans with their accompanying maps are also here.


Our planning Maps page contains links to planning, zoning, land use, and historic maps. Comprehensive Plan and Neighborhood Plan Maps are linked up with the planning document on the Planning Document & Regulations page. A variety of city maps, including Ward maps are on the City Maps page.

Forms and Applications

Find forms, application, and fee information for subdivisions, rezoning, conditional uses and more.