Current Projects in City Planning

 We also have a list of recently completed projects from the last five years. Below is a list of current projects:  

  • Annual Title 20 (Zoning) Update

      – On April 3 and April 17, 2018, the Planning Board held a public hearing to consider the proposed amendments. After consideration of the staff presentation and report, public comment, and board discussion, the Planning Board recommended the City Council approve an ordinance to amend Title 20 City Zoning: Proposed 2018 City Zoning Update Amendments including staff, and Planning Board recommended amendments.  The Land Use and Planning (LUP) committee of City Council is now considering Planning Board’s recommendations and will spend several LUP meetings reviewing the amendments before considering setting a Public Hearing. The LUP committee will review the proposed 70 amendments by topic based on the following schedule:

    LUP 4/25/18   

    • Cidery
    • Bed and Breakfast (B&B)
    • Procedures for Lapse of Approvals
    • Terminology
    • Parking
    • Public Forum
    • Miscellaneous

    LUP 5/2/18

    • Townhome Exemption Development, TED
    • Accessory Dwelling Unit,  ADU
    • Building as a Sign
    • Tourist Home

    LUP 5/9/18 -- Any remaining or overflow issues (if needed)

    To learn more about the proposed amendments and to confirm times for the various LUP meetings please go to Click on the agenda for the desired LUP calendar date and then click on “An Ordinance to amend Title 20 City Zoning, Title 20 Updates . . .”
  • Missoula Design Excellence -

    The City of Missoula along with a consultant team led by Winter & Company, will define a character management strategy. Visit the project webpage for details.

  • University District Neighborhood Character Overlay - 

    A public hearing will be held on April 17th to consider amendments to Title 30 Chapter 20.25 Overlay Districts.  The amendments include the creation and application of the University District Neighborhood Character Overlay which would apply to all residentially zoned lands within the University Neighborhood District.  The intent of the district is to preserve development, redevelopment, and rehabilitation that is compatible with the scale, orientation and setting of original buildings in the neighborhood.  The overlay district is also intended to prevent the loss of housing units in the district by prohibiting parcel aggregation.  The ordinance can be viewed  here . The Agency Memo can be viewed here