Attorney Resources


The only hearings the court is now continuing are:

        ·         Court-ordered Continuances in response to a Motion to Continue 


Hearings will continue to be held via the Court’s teleconference system.  The Court will set a meeting for each specific time block.  You will receive a meeting invite from the Courtroom Admin email that looks like this:                                                                                      Join online meeting

Join by Phone: (406) 552-6799 (Missoula)          English (United States)

Conference ID: 346250

Each invitation will have:

          ·         A different phone number that is based on which courtroom the hearings are being held

          ·         A different conference ID specific to that date and time

When you are joining the meetings you will want to ensure that you are getting the correct information from the invite.                

You will only receive an invite if you have a scheduled hearing within that time period.  If you did not receive an invite when you should have please contact The invitations will provide two different ways to join the meeting.  

To Join via Skype for Business: 

·         Open Skype for Business

·         Click the Blue “Join Online Meeting” link.

·         Skype for Business will open a new window, click OK

 Skype for Business will NOT work if:

·         You have remoted into your work computer from another location

·         Public Defenders have not had success connecting via Skype, this may be a firewall issue

To Join Telephonically:

·         Call the phone number provided in the invite

·         You will be prompted to enter the Conference ID provided in the invitation

·         Follow any additional prompts

Once you have joined the meeting:

·         Mute yourself until your case is called

The Court will still initiate the phone calls to connect with Defendants for each hearing. Please be prepared to provide contact information for yourself or for your clients if you are counsel of record

You will receive these invitations at the end of a week for hearings set on the following week. If you have any question contact:

Please note: the court now accepts e-filings. You may still file hardcopies but the court will no longer accept emailed filings. When filing a motion, please remember to file a proposed order as well.