Interment Listing

Almost 21,000 people are interred or memorialized in the cemetery. Missoula City Cemetery continues to regularly sell graves and conduct burials. Please contact the cemetery office at (406)552-6070 to purchase an available burial site or make arrangements for a burial.

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How to read the interment listing:
  • LastName = Last name
  • FirstName = First name, middle name or initial, maiden name, or previous married names
  • Age = Age at time of death (in years unless otherwise noted)
  • DOD = Date of death
  • Grave, Lot, Block = Burial location (See maps to locate grave)
  • Inter # = Index Number (used to locate all documents for deceased)
All information has been obtained from historical cemetery documents, obituaries, family members,monuments, or other documentation as noted in the burial record.

  • Interment information may be updated with new burials and as records are reviewed and automated.
  • For all file information please contact the cemetery office at (406)552-6070 or by email.
  • To obtain copies of a deceased person's file a completed release form is required. All cemetery information is public record and open for review or release of copies.
  • Additional local research resources.