Lifeguarding and WSI Classes

American Red Cross Water Park Lifeguarding/First Aid & CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer

Gain the knowledge and skills which enable you to save a life and get a great job! Course incorporates self-study through online training and lecture/skill practice at the pool with experienced instructors. Candidates must be 15 years of age on or before the final day of class. Candidates must also be mature and able to complete the following swim prerequisites, stop by Currents and complete the pre-test BEFORE you register.


  • Swim 300 yards continuously using front crawl & breaststroke.
  • Swim 20 yards using front crawl or breaststroke, surface dive to a depth of 8.5 feet & retrieve a 10lb. brick.
  • Tread water with no hands for 2 minutes.
  • Demonstrate maturity and self-control.
  • Successful participants receive national certification in Lifeguarding-First Aid & CPR/AED.

Register online Activity Code 1151700  Fee: $70  (Sorry, no resident discount.)

Section #
Apr. 3-9
5:30 - 9 pm
Apr. 30 - May 11
5:30 - 9 pm
M - F
May 14 - 18
May 19
5:30 - 9 pm
8:30am  - 12pm

American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor

New! Blended learning format

To be eligible for this course, candidates must be 16 years of age on or before the final day of class, and must possess and display maturity and self-control. Candidates must also be able to demonstrate skills that meet at least American Red Cross Learn-To-Swim Level 4 performance criteria during the pre-course session (first day scheduled.) A course book will be provided when payment is received. Books should be reviewed before the class begins. Successful participants will receive the Water Safety Instructor Certificate, which recognizes them as possessing the tools to teach course offerings within the American Red Cross Learn-To-Swim and Water Safety programs.

Register for the course with Parks and Recreation. Participants will then receive an email from Parks and Recreation with instructions on how to register, pay for, and complete blended learning course materials through the American Red Cross prior to the start of the class. 

Meets: April 2 - 25 (M/W) 5 - 9pm Register online  Activity Code 1152100
Fee: $140 + $35 American Red Cross fee  (Sorry, no resident discount.)

Class Prerequisites

  • Minimum age of 16 years old
  • Demonstrate proficiency in six strokes: front crawl (freestyle), back crawl (backstroke), elementary backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke, and butterfly – 25 yards per stroke.
  • Tread water for 1 minute
  • Back float for 1 minute

Certification Requirements

  • Complete the online American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Orientation
  • Complete the online Water Safety Instructor Course
  • Attend all class sessions
  • Demonstrate competency in all required skills and activities
  • Correctly answer at least 80 percent of the questions in the final written exam
  • Certificates Issued
Successful Water Safety Instructor candidates will receive an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor certification valid for 2 years

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