Pro Se Resources

Instructions and documents for Pro Se filers (.docx). Please note:  if you are filing a motion by email ( your motion and the proposed order must be filed as attachments. You may also file your motion and proposed order as a paper document by mail or in person at the counter. Please see Instructions for Pro Se Filers at the bottom of this page for mailing address and the court's Fax number.                                                                                                     Please note: if you are needing to Subpoena a person (to testify at a hearing) you must bring two copies of the completed Subpoena form to the counter at Municipal Court where a clerk will sign both copies and scan the document to the record. Both copies will be given back to you: one for the process server and one that will be served on the person the Subpoena is issued for.

Instructions and documents for Pro Se Filers (.pdf)