Education and Outreach

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​Watershed Education Network (WEN) 


WEN's mission is to foster knowledge,appreciation and awareness of watershed health through science and outreach. They reach their mission by providing river ecology knowledge and field and classroom science experiences to children and young adults throughout western Montana. For more information, contact: 406-541-9287

Montana Groundwater Academy (MGA) 

The Montana Groundwater Academy field site is located in Greenough Park, alongside Rattlesnake Creek. The field site comprises a network of monitoring wells and surface water features accessible to learners for data collection and analysis.
For more information, contact: 406-243-4828

To learn more about the University of Montana's Comp Hydro Project, visit: Comp Hydro Project 


DrinkTap is hosted by the American Water Works Association and provides many answers to your questions about water.

For more information, visit:


American Water Works Association