Urban Forestry

Maintaining Our Forests
The City of Missoula's Urban Forestry Division exists to maintain, enhance, and expand Missoula's urban forest. This is accomplished through tree pruning, planting, hazard removals, and assorted other cultural treatments that improve the overall condition of Missoula's urban forest and consequently the quality of life in Missoula, Montana.

Missoula's urban forest is made up trees lining streets in parks, river corridors, backyards, front yards, alleys, cemeteries, plazas, and parking lots. In 1991, Missoula established a comprehensive tree care program that provides full service to the community's urban forest.

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Additional information about boulevard trees
For more information, please see the City Ordinance #3043 Amending Chapter 12.32 Missoula Code Entitled "Comprehensive Tree and Shrub, Planting, Pruning, and Maintenance Regulations."

Tree care and planting guidelines are found in the Technical Appendix.

City of Missoula Mountain Pine Beetle Mitigation Project

The mountain pine beetle may be wreaking havoc on Montana forests, but city park officials are cautiously optimistic about their chances of protecting Missoula’s urban forest from the destructive insects.The City of Missoula’s mountain pine beetle mitigation project began in 2008.

Our adopted approach for treatment of the mountain pine beetle infestation has three parts:
  • Infested trees will be felled and completely removed.
  • Densely forested areas will be thinned to reduce stress on individual trees and inhibit the insects from moving from tree to tree.
  • Protecting legacy trees
Legacy trees are larger, highly desirable, uninfested trees. Parks crews will treat these trees annually with non-toxic pheromone packets, which confuse the beetles and discourage them from infesting a tree.Please do not disturb these small white packets if you notice them in a tree in a park or on open space. Read more...

Parks and Recreation’s pine beetle project is restricted to trees on city-owned or managed land. The Montana Department of Natural Resources has a program to assist private landowners online or by phone at 406-542-4300.
Urban Forestry Master Plan
The 2015 City of Missoula Urban Forest Master Management Plan* was adopted by the City Council on April 20, 2015. We'd like to thank the Master Plan Working Group for their months of dedicated service in creating this plan.  

2015 City of Missoula Urban Forest Master Plan
Forest Management Plan Appendices*
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Read local media coverage of the plan:

DRAFT Landscape/Public Facilities Design Standards

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