MORE Bike Camps Summer, 2018

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Let us help you find the perfect camp to meet your child’s skill level. While kids are welcome to try any of our camps, signing up with riders of similar skill level is the way to go! Wheels and Woods or Mountain Kids Camp help kids develop basic mountain biking skills and are a great fit for kids just starting to mountain bike. (Camp descriptions below.)

MORE Bike Camps: Which one is right for my child?

KIA Bike the Parks - Campers can use training wheels and any type of brakes for this camp. Great for entry-level riders who want to cruise the parks and learn about bike basics. Focus is on bike safety, riding in a group, caring for your bike.

ZTD Rippers - Kids must be able to ride a two-wheeler with coaster or hand brakes and be comfortable riding on flat, non-paved surfaces. Training wheels are not permitted. Riders will need some experience going up and downhill with coached support.  We’ll coach kids to ride trails like the Rattlesnake Creek Trail system, Local Glory, EWOK, and double-lane gravel fire roads.

ZTD GROM - Riders are comfortable on the downhill, working on developing downhill technique and a bit of uphill stamina, and are willing to try to ride uphill but may hop off to push their bike. Riders must have hand brakes on their bike and be able to ride 5 miles of trail. GROM camp is best suited for kids who’d like to try trails like MO-Z, Sound of Music, Sawmill, and Hot Sauce.

Bike Packing Adventures – Riders need to be willing to ride five miles on flat or gradual uphill double track gravel roads—but don’t worry,  our coaches are experts at inspiring  kids to ride further than they think they can! If your child is interested in trying this camp, we’re here to help.

ZTD Girls Camp – Riders have intermediate mountain biking skills. They are willing to ride off-pavement, on single-track and try uphill and downhill. This is the perfect camp to develop skills in a comfortable supportive environment. 

ZTD Dig and Ride – For older riders ready to learn advanced skills. Riders are developing technical skills in downhill riding, pacing and riding uphill, bike body separation, jumps, and other technical skills. Hitting jumps and features is not necessary but many riders in this camp will. Riders must be willing to ride uphill and be able to ride at least 8 miles of single track. Dig and Ride is best suited for kids who’d like to try trails like Fenceline, Orchard, Missoula XC Course and downhill-specific trails.

Camp Descriptions

Dig and Ride Activity #: 2230304

Pro mountain biker Alicia Leggett is absolutely stoked to coach this camp in between stops on the Enduro World Series. camp mixes advanced riding skills with trail conservation and ethics. Top-notch mountain bike instruction will fill most of our mornings. To motivate our next generation of mountain bike conservationists, we’ll meet with MTB Missoula and conservationists to get our hands dirty to care for and build trails in our community. SPACES WILL FILL FAST! *Mountain bike experience required.

Bike Packing Adventures Activity #: 2230326

Our friends at Adventure Cycling are working with us to make this an amazing camp. Monday and Tuesday we will learn about how to pack for trips, routes, make power snacks with Green Source, and get some miles on our bikes. Wednesday we will take off for our two-night adventure. Route will be determined closer to date of trip due to fire season and weather. Kids will carry a small pack on our trip and trips include van support. For this camp we will be sticking to off-road gravel trails and low-traffic routes.

Zootown Derailleurs GROM Camp Activity #: 2230325

Mountain biking experience required, recommended for 8 to 12-year-olds. For kids who already possess confident mountain biking skills. Riders are able to descend beginner single track (think EWOK), can climb low-grade hills, and are all about riding their bikes as much as they can. Some experience in mountain biking is required for this camp. *GROM - a young participant in extreme sports. Originally, a grommet was a surfer under the age of 16. In recent years, this has expanded to include other extreme sports, most notably skateboarding, mountain biking, and snowboarding. A Ripper is a young GROM.

Zootown Derailleurs Rippers Camp Activity #: 2230322 For beginning riders, recommended for 6 to 8-year-olds

Perfect for kids who can ride a two-wheeler and are beginning to expand their love for biking. Instructors will provide fun lessons to develop skills while pumping kids up to hit the trails!

ZTD Girls Camp Activity #: 2230308 Some mountain biking experience required, for ages 7 to 14.

There is absolutely nothing better than hitting the trail with your girlfriends. Together we’ll learn bike maintenance and cleaning basics, ride the ramps and skinnies of our portable bike park, and hit the trails for single-track instruction and fun. In the heat of the afternoon we’ll go swimming, hit the ropes course, and whitewater raft. On Thursday we’ll head to out of town for an epic two-day trip filled with bikes, friendship, and camping.

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