Strategic Plan

City of Missoula's Strategic Plan

The City of Missoula’s Strategic Plan was developed collaboratively by Mayor Hess, City staff, and the Missoula City Council. The plan serves first as the guiding document for the City’s budget process. Then, throughout the year, its lenses and principles play important roles in decisions about governing.

View the strategic plan or watch the committee presentation for fiscal years 2024 through 2026.  


Reflecting the needs and values of our residents, the City of Missoula commits to enhancing opportunity and quality of life through effective delivery of City services and fiscal stewardship while maintaining and creating a harmonious natural and built environment.


Missoula is an inclusive city where all people can live and celebrate meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling lives in a community offering unparalleled recreational, cultural and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Guiding Principles

We honor the concept of open government, and we value participation, accountability and technical innovation while ensuring we remain flexible, nimble and willing to adapt to better respond to our residents’ needs. We make data-driven decisions and use metrics to assist us in measuring program performance and outcomes.

  • Trust
  • Opportunity
  • Inclusion
  • Environment
  • Economy

Strategic Goals

The strategic goals of this plan are organized in four strategic pillars that encompass all aspects of City operations. The strategic goals included in the plan help maintain the City’s core services or are new initiatives that enhance City services without compromising the core levels of service. They also help to prioritize budgeting and cross-departmental work planning.

  • Community safety, health, and well-being
  • Community design and livability
  • Economic health
  • Organizational excellence and resilience
Jordan Hess

Our Lenses

The City of Missoula uses three decision lenses to guide the implementation of its strategic goals. City leaders and staff apply these lenses to make sure the City’s values and goals are considered in every decision.

Climate & Resilience

Pursuant to Council resolutions 8329, 7753 and 8174, the City considers climate and resiliency impacts in all of its decisions.


Pursuant to Council resolution 8533, the City considers justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in all of its decisions.


Pursuant to Council resolution 8373, the City considers impacts to housing in all of its decisions.