Stormwater Projects

Stormwater projects can include dry well installation, maintenance, and cleaning; levee maintenance; and various other projects that address how stormwater makes its way through Missoula. Below are projects scheduled for 2023.

Pattee Creek Restoration Project - Phase II

Description: This project involves continued revegetation along the riparian areas of Pattee Creek along Pattee Creek Drive. We aim to mitigate water quality issues, such as alteration in stream-side or littoral vegetative covers, flow regime modification, temperature, and sedimentation brought upon the creek due to the impacts from residential development. 

Benefits: The major benefits of this project include:

  • improving the water quality of Pattee Creek by using vegetation to mitigate temperature and sedimentation increases;
  • improving the riparian area of the creek by restoring vegetation to promote vegetative cover, sinuosity, and bank stabilization;
  • supporting a healthy habitat for native aquatic species;
  • education and outreach to landowners that reside along the creek in the right-of-way; and
  • landowner participation and investment in the project.

Details: This project is the second phase of the long-term goal of restoring and revegetating all of Pattee Creek. According to the Bitterroot Watershed Restoration Plan, the creek “is a stream of concern in the Bitterroot watershed” since it is a tributary to the impaired Bitterroot River. It will reduce impacts of alterations in streamside and littoral vegetative covers, sedimentation, and temperature where the waterbody is channelized adjacent to residential development. 

Because the creek is within the City right-of-way and flows through residential development, it is particularly susceptible to water quality issues. Participating landowners will maintain these boulevards by not mowing up to the creek within the established buffer or significantly altering the newly planted native vegetation. Ecological stewardship within the community will be a focus to provide protection from current nonpoint source pollution, as well as creating resiliency to protect from future nonpoint source pollution. The project is also providing opportunities for education and outreach concerning healthy riparian areas. We have partnered with some citizens of the Pattee Creek watershed to form “Friends of Pattee Creek,” a community action group to steward the creek and its needs.

Coordination: This project has been planned and supported through a partnership between the City of Missoula Stormwater Utility and Missoula Conservation District. MCD has a similar revegetation project in the upper watershed. For more information, please reach out to

Project Funding: The first phase of the project was funded by Big Sky Watershed Corps (BSWC) Nonpoint Source Project Support Grant provided by the Montana Watershed Coordination Council (MWCC) and Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), the project was awarded approximately $5,300. This year’s funding is provided by a supplementary grant of $5,000 from MDEQ. These funds will primarily be used for planting materials.

Project Dates: A volunteer day for project implementation will be held September 15, 2023, starting at 10 a.m. Volunteers are welcome to participate in accordance with their availability and capacity. We will be providing all materials, in addition to a free lunch from Tagliare Delicatessen.

Project Contact: Lyndsey Holloway, Project Manager, at or call 406-493-8031

Completed Stormwater Projects

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