Transportation Safety Projects

The City of Missoula Transportation Safety Team (TST) includes planners, engineers, and Street Maintenance Division staff who meet regularly to improve safety and operations for people walking, biking, and driving. Major improvements like new traffic signals, roundabouts, bike lanes, and travel lanes are typically addressed through large-scale projects included in the annual Community Investment Program. When appropriate, TST refers traffic safety concerns on local streets to the newly formed Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP), which analyzes the data for these concerns and determines potential solutions. For more information on NTMP, please visit our Engage Missoula page

To report a traffic safety issue, please fill out our Traffic Safety Concern Form.

For more information on NTMP or any of the projects on this page, please contact Ben Weiss, Senior Transportation Planner, or 406-552-6352.

Below are current and ongoing transportation safety projects.

Kent Ave. – Central Ave. Greenway & Traffic Calming Project

Location:  W. Kent Ave. from Russell St. to Regent St.

Description:  Installation of a hybrid urban traffic circle at the W. Kent Ave. and Oxford St. intersection and the following safety improvements:

  • mid-block speed hump between Regent St. and Oxford St., 
  • raised crosswalk on W. Kent Ave. between Tremper's Plaza and Tremper's Shopping Center,
  • widened sidewalk on the south side of W. Kent Ave. between Russell St. and the driveway entrance into Tremper's Shopping Center, and
  • crosswalk enhancements on Russell St., including rectangular rapid flashing beacons.

Benefits:  Slower and safer traffic flow with safer pedestrian and bicycle routes and crossings.

Project Area Map & Preliminary Design (pdf)

Project Dates:  Engineering consultant will begin to contact adjacent property owners Oct. 3 – 14, 2022, with project expected to go to bid in Feb. 2023 and construction summer 2023.

Contacts:  Brandt Dahlen, Surface Project Coordinator, at or 406-552-6087; or Ben Weiss, Senior Transportation Planner, at or 406-552-6352


Quick Build Traffic Calming Devices


The Public Works & Mobility Department began installing quick build traffic calming circles during the spring of 2020 to address the need for cost-effective traffic calming solutions. They are faster to install because they are constructed with paint, signs, and plastic bollards. In contrast to a full construction project that includes engineering, curb/gutter work, drainage, and more, these devices are a fraction of the cost (completely paid for by the City) and can be adjusted if necessary.

Six total of these new traffic calming circles are currently in place on Franklin St. and Maurice Ave. as part of a larger neighborhood traffic management program.

Quick Build Traffic Calming Circle Example

Other Devices

Quick Build Bulb-Out Example

For more information on our traffic calming decision-making process, please visit the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program's Engage Missoula page.

Installed Quick Build Traffic Calming Circles

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