Franklin to the Fort

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The Franklin to the Fort neighborhood is located in the area beginning at South Third Street W. and Russell Street south to the Bitterroot Spur Trail, following the Bitterroot Spur Trail to Reserve Street, north along Reserve Street to South Third Street W., and along South Third Street W. to Russell Street. View the Franklin to the Fort Neighborhood Council map..

What is important to Franklin to the Fort Neighbors?

  • Missing curbs and sidewalks/ADA concerns 
  • Update on status of Forest Service Depot 
  • Russell St. update 
  • Municipalization of water system 
  • Neighborhood Greenways 
  • Franklin Park upgrades 
  • 5th and 6th Street proposals 
  • Q&A with Urban Forester 
  • Urban deer 
  • Update on 3rd St. reconstruction 
  • Neighborhood Watch 

Wards 5 & 6

The Franklin to the Fort neighborhood is located in Wards 5 & 6. View the Missoula Neighborhood Council Ward Map, or to learn more, visit the Missoula City Council web page.
  1. Tower Street Conservation Area remains closed due to flood hazards

    City open space at the end of Tower Street remains closed until further notice due to flooding and hazardous conditions.
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