Shaping the Future of West Broadway

What is happening at 1427 W. Broadway (former Sleepy Inn site)?

The 1427 W. Broadway property is currently for sale. The Envision West Broadway Plan anticipated that the Sleepy Inn site would be one of the first to redevelop when the site was no longer needed as a non-congregate shelter.  Redevelopment at the Sleepy Inn will likely be a catalyst for other redevelopment in the area. Funds from the sale of the property at 1427 West Broadway will go into the City’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

Deconstruction of the Sleepy Inn building at 1427 W. Broadway St.

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Conceptual Development Site Plan

Sleepy Inn site conceptual development site plan image

Rendering of the West Broadway Entry at the intersection of Russell and Broadway

West Broadway Entry with Sleepy Inn Rendering
West Broadway Master Plan image

Aerial of West Broadway, with the Sleepy Inn site circled in yellow

West Broadway Rendering Photo with Sleepy Inn Circled
1427 W Broadway property

Sleepy Inn Deconstruction Timeline

June 2023:

The Sleepy Inn deconstruction project at 1427 W. Broadway reached substantial completion on May 12, 2023. 

The MRA’s policy requires deconstruction and material salvage/recycling, to the extent feasible, for buildings being removed with tax increment financing. At the beginning of the project Heritage Timber estimated that approximately 60 percent of the building materials could be salvaged and diverted from the landfill. Included below is a summary of the major building materials that were diverted from the landfill with the Sleepy Inn project:

Clean Scrap Wood: 139 yards recycled at Garden City Compost

Steel and Iron: 28,500 pounds recycled at Pacific Steel and Recycling

Additional Wood: 31,266 Board feet reused and taken to Heritage Timber

Linens: 14 large bags reused and taken to Johnson Street Winter Shelter

Copper Wire: 1,576 pounds recycled at Pacific Steel and Recycling

Chairs: 30 reused and taken to Donation Warehouse

Lamps: 33 reused and taken to Donation Warehouse

Wall bricks: 266 reused and taken to Heritage Timber

Chimney Bricks: 1,400 reused and taken to Heritage Timber

Windows: 18 reused and taken to Heritage Timber

Mirrors: 7 reused and taken to Home Resource

Sinks: 7 reused and taken to Home Resource

The property is currently listed for sale at $890,000 and marketing of the property continues. The City of Missoula Affordable Housing Trust Fund is expected to receive funds from the sale of the property to invest back into affordable housing in our community. The history of the Sleepy Inn site, including costs over time, can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) on the City of Missoula website.

May 8, 2023:

The site cleanup is wrapping up this week. This photo (left) shows the current state of the 1427 W. Broadway property as of May 8, 2023. Substantial completion is slated for May 12, 2023. This webpage will be updated when the site cleanup is completed. The property is currently listed for sale. Any funds received from the sale will be allocated to the City of Missoula Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

April 24, 2023:

At the April 20 MRA Board meeting, the MRA Board approved a Contract Amendment for Hazardous Building Materials Abatement, Deconstruction, and Building Removal of the Sleepy Inn, 1427 West Broadway (URD II and Ward 1).

In February 2023, the City entered into a contract with 3 Rivers Landworks, LLC to complete hazardous building materials abatement, deconstruction, and building removal of the Sleepy Inn. Mobilization, utility disconnects, and abatement also began in February. As work continues throughout the building some unplanned activities have occurred, resulting in additional cost and schedule delays, including:

• Additional 4,150 SF of asbestos containing plaster behind wood framing, drywall, and plaster in the western and middle portion of the building. This material was hidden behind the first layer of flooring and drywall and not detected during the 2022 Hazardous Building Materials Survey.

• Old and damaged piping wrapped in asbestos insulation under the sub floor. 

• A crawl space under the length of the building. A crawl space opening, believed to extend under a portion of the building, was detected during a pre-bid meeting. The longer crawl space was discovered after Heritage Timber removed the building flooring. The crawl space must be demolished and replaced with fill material.

• The above additional work is likely to add up to four weeks to the schedule. Substantial completion is expected by May 12, 2023.

The majority of the above costs are associated with the abatement bid item and eligible for City Brownfields Program funding. On April 20, the MRA Board authorized the Board Chair to sign the contract amendment with Three Rivers Landworks in the amount of $318,828.65, with the understanding that up to $221,117 will be funded with TIF, contingent upon the Mayor’s approval of the contract amount and Brownfields Program funding increase. 

What's Next?

In the next few weeks, the public can expect to see the large stacks of deconstructed lumber and other materials removed from the property. Those materials will be recycled or sold by Heritage Timber as per the MRA Deconstruction Policy. It is estimated that 60% of the building material is being recycled or reused. Once deconstruction is complete, the rest of the Sleepy Inn structures will be removed. Substantial completion is expected by May 12, 2023. The property at 1427 W Broadway is currently listed for sale.

Sleepy Inn Deconstruction February 2023

February 22, 2023: 

Upcoming Dates for Sleepy Inn Deconstruction Work

The public should expect to see abatement and deconstruction activity at the Sleepy Inn property at 1427 W Broadway St. starting next week. The following dates are targets and may change due to weather or other interruptions that could modify this schedule:

Monday, February 27: ACM will begin Asbestos abatement in the building.

Thursday, March 9: Heritage Timber will begin deconstruction of the building.

Tuesday, April 4: Three Rivers Landworks will begin removing the building after deconstruction and salvage of materials are completed.

Wednesday, April 12: Target date for substantial completion of the project.

After April 12: Three Rivers Landworks will demobilize and clean up site, and remove any remaining equipment.

What will be happening at the former Sleepy Inn site?

The Missoula Redevelopment Agency (MRA) and the City of Missoula Brownfields Program in the Community Planning, Development, & Innovation (CPDI) department have entered into a contract with 3 River Landworks, LLC for hazardous building materials abatement, building deconstruction, and building removal at the Sleepy Inn property at 1427 West Broadway St. 3 Rivers is a Montana based general contractor and is partnering with Abatement Contractors of Montana (ACM) and Heritage Timber to complete abatement and deconstruction. Heritage Timber estimates that approximately 60 percent of the building materials can be salvaged and diverted from the landfill. 

When will equipment be on site?

Equipment is expected on site the week as early as February 9, with work likely beginning the week of February 13. The contractor has 60 days to complete the work, and up to an additional 45 days with the MRA’s approval, if additional materials can be salvaged. The City of Missoula Fire Department intends to do forcible entry training prior to the deconstruction of the building. MFD personnel will work with the schedule of the deconstruction and will only conduct the training if it works into the plan and is safe to do so.

Where will new information be posted?

Visit this webpage for up-to-date information about the future of the Sleepy Inn site.

For questions during construction, email Annie Gorski, MRA Deputy Director at or phone 406-552-6155.