Permit Processes and Policies

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Permit TypeApplication TypeRecord Type (Which tab to select online)
ADA PermitFillable Paper Form
Alcohol PermitFillable Paper Form
Block Party PermitFillable Paper Form
Building PermitOnline PortalBuilding
Demolition PermitFillable Paper Form
Design ReviewDesign Review Application

Electrical PermitOnline PortalBuilding
Excavation - Dry Utility or MainsOnline PortalEngineering
Excavation - Sewer and Water ServiceFillable Paper Form
Fence PermitOnline PortalEngineering
Historic PreservationFillable Paper Form
Land Use Intake FormFillable Paper Form
Mechanical PermitOnline PortalBuilding
Moving PermitFillable Paper Form
Paving PermitFillable Paper Form
Plumbing PermitOnline PortalBuilding
Right-of-Way ConstructionFillable Paper Form
Right-of-Way EncroachmentFillable Paper Form

Right-of-Way UseFillable Paper Form

Sign Permit
Online Portal
Street Use PermitFillable Paper Form
Zoning Compliance PermitFillable Paper Form