Community Involvement
Every citizen in Missoula has an opportunity to get involved in their Neighborhood Council and make a difference right where they live. Missoulians established neighborhood councils to build cooperation and improved communication between citizens and city officials.  Neighborhood councils are set up to provide citizens with a venue to provide input to city agencies regarding issues and projects in their neighborhoods.

Contact Us
Contact Jane Kelly, the Neighborhood Coordinator in the Office of Neighborhoods for more information at 406-552-6081. 

(1) The City of Missoula values the contribution neighborhoods can make to the governance of the City. Therefore, it is the purpose of this article to strengthen neighborhood participation where it exists, and to encourage and support neighborhood participation where it does not yet exist.
(2) The City Council shall establish Neighborhood Councils to advise the City Council and the Mayor on neighborhood and City-wide issues.
(3) Neighborhood Councils and Community Councils (Community Forum) shall provide a structure for increased citizen participation in the governance of the City, and shall build cooperation and improved communication between citizens and City officials. Neighborhood Council duties shall include, but shall not be limited to, developing proposals for neighborhood plans and advising the City on neighborhood projects as they occur. Neighborhood Councils shall respond to neighborhood issues at the neighborhood level.  (Article VI from the City of Missoula Charter, effective January 1, 1997)  Read on...

  1. Third Street Reconstruction Project Starts May 27, Runs Through Summer

    South Third Street West from Russell Street to Schilling Street is getting a makeover that will bring a center turn lane, bike lanes and sidewalks. Detours for through traffic will be in place, but you'll be able to access local destinations. More info...
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