Building Division


The purpose of the building codes is to establish minimum requirements to safeguard the public's health, safety, and general welfare. The building codes are adopted and amended by the State of Montana and then adopted by the City of Missoula. Our jurisdictional area is within city limits of the City of Missoula. If you are building outside of the city's jurisdiction, you will need to contact the Missoula County Building Division

Current Codes

The City of Missoula adopted the following codes effective September 1, 2022. Building codes are adopted as amended by the State of Montana: [view amendments]. To purchase code books, visit the International Code Council; we recommend also purchasing the sectional tabs for each book.

IBC Design Criteria

City of Missoula

Frost Depth: 3' Wind Speed: 105 MPH [see ASCE7]
Seismic Category: D0  [see ASCE7]Climate Zone: 6 B 
Roof Snow Load: Minimum 30 PSF
[see ASCE7 for exact number]
Soil Pressure: 1500-2000 PSF (site specific)
[see ASCE7: use default Site Class D ]
Air Freezing Index: 2000 Mean Annual Temp: 45.5 F
Weathering: SevereFlood: [Floodplain Information]
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