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What is Zoning?

Title 20, Missoula's Municipal Zoning Code, was adopted in November 2009 and continues to be amended through interim ordinances. Title 20 can be found here in Municode.

Zoning ordinance is adopted for the purposes conforming with state laws; protecting and promoting the public health, safety and general welfare; implementing the goals contained in the officially adopted Growth Policy and other plans; establishing clear and efficient development review and approval procedures; and accommodating orderly and beneficial development.

Zoning districts are categorized as Residential (R); Business and Commercial (B or C); Industrial and Manufacturing (M); and Open Space, Public, (OP) and Aviation (A). Each zoning district includes a list of uses designated as either permitted, conditional or prohibited; and site and building standards such as minimum parcel area required, setbacks and maximum height of structures.

Residential (R) zoning districts are primarily intended to create, maintain and promote a variety of housing opportunities for individual  households and to maintain and promote the desired physical character of existing and developing neighborhoods. While the districts primarily accommodate residential use types, some nonresidential uses are also allowed. The R district standards provide development flexibility, while at the same time helping to ensure that new  development is compatible with the city's many neighborhoods. In addition, the regulations offer certainty for property owners, developers and neighbors about the limits of what is allowed.

Business and Commercial (B or C) zoning districts are primarily intended to accommodate and promote neighborhood and community-serving business and commercial uses (e.g., retail, service, office), as well as mixed-use development consisting of business uses and residential uses in the same building or on the same site. Encouraging true mixed-use development can help reduce vehicle travel demand and provide increased housing choice and transit-oriented densities.

Industrial and Manufacturing (M) zoning districts are primarily intended to accommodate manufacturing, warehousing, wholesale and industrial uses. The regulations are intended to promote the economic viability of manufacturing and industrial uses, encourage employment growth, allow residential uses in the M1R district, and limit the encroachment of unplanned residential and other non-industrial development into M1- and M2-zoned areas.

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