About the Unit

The Missoula Police Department Traffic Safety Unit consists of one Sergeant, four motorcycle officers, one dedicated DUI Enforcement Officer, three civilian Crash Investigators and one civilian Abandoned Vehicle Specialist.

Reported Crashes

The Missoula Police Department responds to approximately 1,800 reported crashes per year, with the highest and most severe crash rates taking place along U.S. 93 / Reserve St.

Fourteen percent of all reported crashes are alcohol related, which correlates with the state and national average. Since 2003, the department has made DUI enforcement and traffic enforcement a priority, increasing our DUI arrests from 358 to a high of 1026 in nine years.

The Missoula Police Department does not investigate accidents unless we are immediately called. This does not apply to "hit-and-run" accidents. These accidents do, however, need to be reported. You may do that directly through the Montana Highway Patrol. You can download the form to do that here.


The goal of the Missoula Police Department Traffic Safety Unit is to increase the quality of life on the roadways of the city. Responding to an average of 150 reported abandoned vehicle complaints per month and numerous parking violations adds to a comprehensive response plan addressing the dynamic concerns of Missoulians.

Enforcement Requests

While our traffic resources are limited, we do attempt to respond to all reasonable traffic enforcement requests. We recognize that citizens are our eyes and ears on the street and see many things we do not. If you know of a traffic problem you have several options to request enforcement. You can contact us below or fill out an online request here.


For more information, email the Police Department or call at 406-552-6300.

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