Public Works Department

  1. Public Works Services During COVID-19

    To protect the health of the public and our employees, the City is changing the way we deliver services and conduct business during this incident of COVID-19 associated with the coronavirus. The Public Works Department is committed to this as well. Read on...
  2. Missoula Water Bill Now Includes Storm Water Charges

    Beginning Feb. 1, your Missoula Water bill becomes a “utility bill” and includes your monthly Storm Water Utility charges. If you are not a Missoula Water customer but live within Missoula city limits, you will receive a utility bill for storm water only. Read on...
  3. Higgins Ave Street Maintenance Project Begins April 6

    Reduced traffic and fewer parked cars and pedestrians downtown due to the COVID-19 outbreak is allowing the City’s Street Maintenance Division to perform asphalt mill and overlay work faster and with less of an impact to downtown businesses and visitors. Read on...
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The Public Works Department strives to ensure a high quality of life for Missoula’s citizens, visitors, and businesses by providing services essential for safe, healthy living and working environments as well as safe travel on local roadways. To accomplish this, the Department maintains and improves our infrastructure systems, which provide water, sewer, storm water, and transportation services.

Public Works Divisions


Missoula Water—provides clean, safe water throughout the city and maintains the water system infrastructure. 

Storm Water Division—provides for and maintains infrastructure for both surface and underground movement of water from rain, snow melt, and other weather events and ensures compliance with state, federal, and local laws for storm water management. 

Wastewater Division—provides safe and environmentally conscientious management and disposal of sewage. Includes the Wastewater Treatment Plant and Garden City Compost facilities.


Street Maintenance Division—provides snow removal, pothole and other roadway repairs, and leaf collection services. 

Traffic Services—fabricates, repairs, and replaces various street signs and provides striping and other pavement marking services on Missoula streets. 

Traffic Signal & Communication Shop—maintains traffic signals and City-owned streets lights and installs and maintains vehicle communication systems for other City departments. 

City of Missoula
Infrastructure Projects List

(2020 list expected April 2020)

Fall 2019Public Works Utilities Newsletter

Find out the latest information on Public Works projects and seasonal work.