Traffic Signals

About Missoula Traffic Lights
Traffic signals are designed and placed into operation only if they meet certain warrants as required by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). The MUTCD is a Federal Highway Administration publication, and is followed to the letter by all agencies involved in traffic signals, street signs, striping, road safety, and more.

Each traffic signal is different in its own way. It is engineered for its unique environment and utilizes new technologies as they are developed. Some differences in design are simply matters of choice from the engineers. We have many different signal designs in Missoula because many engineers were involved over the years and technology has changed along the way.

Regulations and Maintenance
The State of Montana Department of Transportation owns and regulates most of the traffic signals in the Missoula area. The City of Missoula is contracted to maintain the signals. Presently, there are 63 signals in our area. We also maintain 23 school crossings with amber flashing lights.