GIS Services

  • Maintain Parcel, Address, and Sewer Information - Maintain parcel information (owner, legal description, etc.), address information (addresses of buildings on the parcel) and sewer information (connection status, date of permit, permit number, and image of the connection card) for the city's parcel / address / sewer program and the Accela Automation (Building and Engineering Permit System and Business Licensing System).
  • City Maps - Maintain wastewater line, building jurisdiction, storm drain / sump location, and city limit map for sale to the public. These maps are available at Development Services, located on the second floor at the west end of the City Hall:
    435 Ryman Street
  • Digital Overlays - Create and maintain overlays of the city limits, ward boundaries, right of way vacations, annexation resolutions, lighting districts, and SID boundaries.
  • Addressing - Assign, change, and review addresses for new and existing residential and commercial buildings. Review building permits including verification of address, legal description, city or county jurisdictions, and obtain the geocode parcel ID number.
  • Asset Management System - Maintain the city's assets for wastewater and storm sewer infrastructures, streets, traffic services and parks including maintaining as-built data using Accela Automation Asset Management System.
  • Public Assistance - Assist the public with questions concerning legal descriptions, easements, boundary locations, and sewer connections.
  • Gas Tax - Calculate annual Gas Tax Allocation that is based on mileage by adding new streets along with streets and alleys added by annexation using GIS.
  • Provide Assistance to Other Government Agencies - Assist all city departments with mapping and GIS needs. Coordinate with other agencies to help them with the information they need to provide the best service possible to the public.