Missoula Parks and Recreation Aquatics Academy

Choosing Your Level
Our friendly aquatics staff can help you choose which level is right for your child. The Aquatics Academy progresses from complete beginner to swim team or lifeguard / swim instructor ability. Most levels require more than one session to complete. Choose a class level from the descriptions below. On the first day of lessons, instructors assess the skill level of each student and may move students within class levels.

  • Call 406-721-PARK to register with your MasterCard or Visa.
  • To register in person, stop by Currents Aquatics Center in McCormick Park.
  • Swim Lesson Schedule
Type of Fee Eight Class Session Seven Class Session Six Class Session Four Class Session
Regular Fee $40.00 $35.00 $30.00 $20.00
Resident Discount Fee $32.00 $28.00 $24.00 $16.00
Annual Pass Fee $30.00 $26.25 $22.50 $15.00

Parent / Child
Ages 6 months to 3 years with a parent. Early introduction to the water helps your child become more comfortable and confident, and prepares them for preschool or swim school lessons. Parent / tot for ages 6 months to 18 months. Parent / toddler for ages 19 months to 3 years.

Ages 3 to 5 years. Instructors guide preschoolers through the basics of water exploration in a safe and fun manner. Classes are divided into those who are willing to put their face in the water and those who need to learn to put their face in the water.

Swim School
Ages 5 and up. Instructors work with students on the basics of swimming and water fitness. Students will work on skills such as submerging, floating, gliding, and breathing. Courses include Face and Float, Glide and Movement, and Breathing and Development. Students who complete the Breathing and Development School are ready for course offerings in the Stroke School.

Stroke School
Ages 5 and up. For students who have completed or already possess the skills taught in Swim School. Instructors will take students through basic progressions and development of stroke techniques. Courses offered are Front Crawl, Back Crawl, Breast Stroke, and Butterfly. Students will work on alternate skills such as diving and turns, in addition to specific stroke development. Stroke School courses are four classes long.
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