Sewer Connections

Existing Connections
For information about paying your semi-annual sewer bill, contact the Finance Department.

Verifying a Connection
  • Connection records are available online in the Parcel Address Sewer (PAS) system. 
  • If you think a property is connected, but the information is not on PAS, you can contact the Wastewater Division to request a Dye Test.  For connections within the past three years, contact Development Services for the record. 
  • Please note that receiving a sewer bill does not necessarily indicate that a property is connected to sewer.

New Connections
Connect on Sale Ordinance
The city requires that all properties within city limits which have sewer available be connected upon sale or transfer of the property. For more information, please visit our Connect on Sale page.

Connecting Within City Limits
Connecting to the sewer system is fairly simple for properties in city limits. Payment assistance is available through the Sewer Connection Loan Program for low-income residents, or through the Bank Sewer Loan Program
  1. Contact Development Services to find out if the property has sewer available.
  2. Pay any sewer connection fees. Fees are calculated by city engineering and vary depending on the building's water meter size, location, SIDs, and any previous contributions to the cost of the main. Call 406-552-6635 or fill out the Sewer Connection Fee Form to request a fee calculation.
  3. Hire a contractor who is licensed and bonded for excavations. 
  4. The contractor will need to purchase a permit from city engineering. Permit fees are set by city ordinance and are listed in the current Fee Schedule.
  5. The contractor will contact city engineering to arrange for inspections, and a record drawing of the connection will be made.

Connecting Outside City Limits

Outside of city limits, more steps will be required before you can connect to sewer.  Contact city engineering at 406-552-6635 or by email for information.