Training & EMS

The Training Division is made up of our Training Officer and our EMS Coordinator. The Training Officer is responsible for coordinating, delivering, and supervising all department training. The EMS Coordinator oversees, schedules and delivers the department's Emergency Medical Services training and medical programs. They also provide safety and logistics support at emergency incidents.


Fire Department ladder training
Accident Rescue Training

Training at MFD

The Missoula Fire Department (MFD) houses it's own training division - encompassing all aspects of response which we may respond. Training is scheduled for both on and off shift firefighters and may include live burns in our burn tower, trench training, rescue training, and EMS training. MFD utilizes both on-site training locations, as well as areas around Missoula for scenario based training and classroom training for learning best practices and skill based assessments. We also participate in regional training with the National Fire Academy and other fire agencies. Our training is geared towards keeping our firefighters safe while performing their duty of protecting the Missoula community.

Pit Crew CPR

EMS Coordinator Ron Brunell, in 2017 brought MFD up to speed with the latest in the life-saving method. Proven to be highly successful in sustaining and saving lives since it's implementation. MFD is proud and thankful for this updated tactic. Great job Ron!

Learn more about Pit Crew CPR

Sign up for an American Heart Association CPR Class with MFD.

EMS Training

Every Friday, Missoula Fire Department's EMS Coordinator leads training in EMS best practices over a variety of topics.

All of MFD's first responders are required to maintain EMS certifications. Of those, 27 have paramedic certifications. MFD hosts annual in-house training for those certifications annually in February.

Help save a life: learn about signs of a stroke or heart attack.


EMS Prevention

Sudden injury, brain trauma, heart attacks, vehicle accidents, suicide - we have compiled a list of helpful resources to learn warning signs and prevention techniques to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Firefighters at night inspecting a car crash