Report an Abandoned Vehicle

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Missoula City Codes state a vehicle is in violation if it has not moved for more than 5 consecutive days, being parked for the purpose of sale, repair or storage.

To report an abandoned vehicle:

If the vehicle is in the city limits and not on private property, you may submit the information online, or contact the abandoned vehicle specialist with the following information:

  • Make of vehicle
  • Model of vehicle
  • Vehicle color
  • Exact location of vehicle (street and number, or street and nearest cross street)
  • License plate number
  • Length of time the vehicle has been there (be as exact as possible)
  • Your name and contact number (in case we have questions, we will keep this confidential)

Private Property

If the vehicle is on private property we require a notarized signature by a person having control over the property. You may print out a private property abandoned vehicle (PDF) form.

More Information

More information on our abandoned vehicle program can be found online.