Excavation Permits

The 2016 Permit Fee Matrix lists current fees for all Engineering and Excavation permits.

Excavation Permits
Excavation permits are issued only to a licensed and bonded excavation contractor. To find a licensed and bonded contractor, view the current Contractor List. Information on obtaining a business license is available from the Development Services Department. Missoula Municipal Code 12.24 regulates excavations.

Call One Call at 811 to have utilities located before digging.

Asphalt Cutting Regulation
Effective October 1, 2011, asphalt cutting on streets 0 - 2 years old will not be permitted unless approved by the city engineer. Approvals may require additional conditions. View the Paving Assessment Map to see which streets this applies to.

The Asphalt Penalties Map shows the cost per square foot of cutting into streets.

Contact the permit desk at 406-552-6635 with any questions.