Green Power Missoula Opens in new windowRenewable Energy Certificate Campaign: Green Power Missoula

Green Power Missoula is a City-sponsored, voluntary Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Campaign. By purchasing RECs, also know as Green Tags, you are purchasing a third-party verified amount of renewable energy. The purchase of one Green Power Missoula REC represents 1 megawatt-hour of electricity or enough renewable energy to power a typical home for one month or operate a standard car for 1,500 miles.

Each Green Power Missoula REC costs $18.50 on average (a minimum purchase of 2.5 RECs at $46.25 may be required). Twenty percent of those proceeds are returned to Missoula's Energy and Climate Teamfor implementation of local energy efficiency and renewable energy programs and projects.

Purchasing Green Power Missoula RECs allows a person or business to:

  • Offset fossil fuel energy consumption (View purchase information)
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Invest in domestic, renewable energy sources such as wind power
  • Stimulate national, regional and local economies with green jobs development

Missoula Green Power Pioneers