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  1. City Launches Budget Process

    Missoula Mayor John Engen and the Missoula City Council began their public budget deliberations on June 13. You can follow the process. Read on...
  2. Randy Krastel

    Welcome, Randy Krastel, to downtown!

    Randy Krastel is Missoula's new Dedicated Downtown Police Officer. You'll see him on foot and bicycle providing safety services downtown. He's funded by the Downtown Missoula Partnership, the City of Missoula and the City's Missoula Parking Commission. Read on...
  3. Tower Street Conservation Area remains closed due to flood hazards

    City open space at the end of Tower Street remains closed until further notice due to flooding and hazardous conditions.
  4. Volunteers Needed for the Building Code Board of Appeals

    Be a part of keeping local government accessible to our community. Read on...
  5. Flood information

    Looking for information about flooding and everything that goes with it? Missoula County is producing a daily update with multi-agency bulletins. Check here for news on everything from sandbags to river flow forecasts. Learn more...
  6. It's street cleaning season

    City Streets crews are at work through the third week of August sweeping streets to protect air quality and keep the storm water system free of winter's sand. Check the schedule to see when we'll be in your neighborhood. Learn more...
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