Does the cemetery have a mausoleum building?
No. Please review information for our mausoleum section.

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1. Who has the right to be interred in a grave site?
2. How many people can be interred in a grave?
3. How soon can I schedule an interment?
4. Can I schedule an interment over the Memorial Day Weekend?
5. Can I make special interment requests?
6. Can I scatter cremains at Missoula City Cemetery?
7. What is a columbarium or niche wall?
8. How much does a niche cost?
9. What is included in the purchase of a niche?
10. How big is a niche?
11. Are veterans required to be interred in the veteran section of the cemetery?
12. Can a spouse of a veteran be buried in the veteran section?
13. What is a family cremation section?
14. Does the cemetery have a mausoleum building?
15. Are "green burials" allowed?