Are there odor or air quality restrictions?

Effective September 7th, 2022 Title 5, the Business Licenses and Regulation Code, was amended to include air quality mitigation measures for cannabis cultivation and cannabis manufacturing businesses. New and existing cannabis cultivation or manufacturing businesses must install and maintain carbon filters. The carbon filters and associated fan must be sized and installed to circulate air equal to the volume of the room used for cultivating or manufacturing no less than once per every 5 minutes. Several filters may be used to meet this requirement. To find out if your carbon filter is properly sized for the room, dived the volume of the room used for cultivating or manufacturing (length x width x height) by the exchange rate which is 5 minutes. The resulting number in cubic feet per minute is the requirement that must correspond to the fan and filter specifications. If you need assistance calculating the requirement, contact To show compliance at the time of permitting, provide the manufacturer specifications for the carbon filters used at your business and dimensions of the cultivation or manufacturing room.

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