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Fort Missoula Regional Park

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  1. Baseball diamond
  2. Basketball court (optional)
  3. Horseshoes (optional)
  4. Jogging Trail (optional)
  5. Picnic tables (optional)
  6. Play equipment (optional)
  7. Restrooms (optional)
  8. Soccer field (optional)
  9. Tennis court (optional)
  10. Volleyball court (optional)
Fort Missoula is a community park located on South Ave. west of Reserve St. This park features:
  • 9 multi-use fields
  • Bella Vista Pavilion
  • Overlook Shelter
  • rugby pitch
  • walking/biking trail
  • playgrounds
  • picnic tables
  • 7 lighted softball fields
  • tennis and pickleball courts
  • St. Bozo dog park
  • workout station
  • The Commons
  • bocce ball 
  • croquet area

For more information or to reserved a facility, please visit atthefort.org.  

To reserve the playing fields, please contact Shirley Kinsey at 552-6273.