What is Our Missoula?
Our Missoula is a community project that will create a plan for potential growth and development in the Missoula urban area. The City of Missoula’s Development Services, with the leadership of Missoula Consolidated Planning Board, Mayor John Engen, and the City Council, initiated the Our Missoula project to develop the new growth policy. Our Missoula will go beyond the requirements of state law with an elevated public input process so that the new land use policies will be as representative as possible of all Missoulians.

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1. What is Our Missoula?
2. Why do we need a policy for growth?
3. Why should I care or get involved in Our Missoula?
4. What is the planning area for this policy?
5. Where can I find previous growth policies and other documents?
6. How can I get involved in the Our Missoula process for creating a policy for growth?