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Bicycle & Pedestrian Count Program Volunteer Sign-up - Spring 2019

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  2. The annual Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Program fall count dates are coming up soon for 2019, on Tuesday, May 7 and Saturday, May 11. The MPO could not accomplish this undertaking without the dedicated volunteers who lend a hand twice each year. Thank you for your interest in volunteering to help make this critical data collection effort happen. Please fill out all fields below so that we can contact you with additional training dates and count-day details.

  3. Please be aware that tasks may require an ability to visually observe traveling bicyclists and pedestrians, recording data via paper and pencil, or approaching cyclists and pedestrians to conduct a verbal survey.

  4. Please provide a number where we can best reach you during the count times below (cell preferred).

  5. Available Days*

    Please check all days you are available and willing to volunteer for the count.

  6. Please list any additional accommodations you may require to participate in this program.

  7. Bike Ped Count Station Zones

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