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Volunteer for Sunday Streets Missoula 2018!

  1. We're glad you're interested in volunteering for Sunday Streets Missoula on Sept., 9, 2018! By temporarily closing one of our greatest public spaces--the streets--Sunday Streets Missoula encourages all ages and all abilities to be active, support local businesses, and rethink how our community can be more livable.

  2. Position Description

    Volunteers are crucial to the success of Sunday Streets Missoula! Volunteers are stationed along the perimeter of the route / activity area and are responsible for: counting (and welcoming!) attendees; providing general information about the event to downtown visitors and residents; helping vehicles navigate the street closure; ensuring that activities and participants remain within the Sunday Streets area and don't extend onto streets open to traffic.

  3. SSM_Volunteer

  4. Interested volunteers should. . .

    Be comfortable standing for their entire shift, as well as occasional bending or lifting (Accommodations can be made! Use the space at the end of this form to describe any accommodations you may need.); be familiar with Missoula's downtown area and be able to provide clear directions to motorists looking to bypass the street closure (information and maps provided); be able to multi-task and balance volunteer duties.

  5. Volunteers will receive training before their shift, as well as lunch and a tee shirt. Ready to help make Sunday Streets Missoula possible? Fill out this form and we'll be in touch!

  6. Cell phone preferred.

  7. Volunteer Shift(s)*

    Select the shift(s) you are available to volunteer: (Remember, Sunday Streets Missoula is Sun., Sept. 9, 2018)

  8. Tee Shirt*

    In addition to the feel-good benefits of spending a few hours at Sunday Streets Missoula, each volunteer receives a tee shirt! Which style + size would you prefer?

  9. Are there any accommodations you may need in order to volunteer?

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