Municipal Court

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1. What court do I go to?
2. How do I contact small claims court?
3. Where do I get a copy of a birth/death certificate?
4. Who do I talk with about getting a divorce?
5. Who do I talk with about child support?
6. I've been assigned to perform community service. What do I do?
7. How do I contact probation?
8. What holidays does the court observe?
9. I've been ordered to complete a treatment program as part of my sentence. Can I have an extension to get enrolled or complete my treatment program?
10. I've been assigned to complete a treatment program. Can I complete my court ordered treatment in another state?
11. I think there may be a warrant out for my arrest. How can I get a warrant to go away?
12. I'm supposed to appear in court today, but I can't make it. Do I have to appear?
13. The judge ordered restitution to me. When will I get that money?
14. The officer gave me a yellow ticket and told me it was a warning. Do I have to do anything?
15. My driver's license was taken away. How do I get it back?
16. Do I have to accompany my child to court?
17. How do I get copies of records from the court?
18. What are the court's surcharges used for?
19. What do I do if my ticket has been sent to collections?