Major Projects

Fox Site Development

The Fox Site is located along the north shore of the Clark Fork River at the southwest corner of the intersection of Orange and West Front Streets. The city, through MRA, has prepared the Fox Site to accommodate a model multi-use development which will be the anchor of the west entrance to the downtown core and the east entry to the West Broadway corridor. The city has directed MRA to seek an appropriate private development team to realize this vision. View the Fox Site Parcel Map.

Hotel Fox Partners, LLC presented a PowerPoint on their proposed Riverfront Triangle site design and a community conference center feasibility and marketing report to the City Council's Committee of the Whole (COW) on June 3, 2015.  View the COW agenda and supporting documents.  Additional information can be found at  For more information, please contact Chris Behan at 406-552-6155.

Front Street/Main Street Two-Way Conversion Feasibility Study

The conversion of Front and Main Streets back to two-way traffic has been identified as a top priority project in the 2009 Downtown Master Plan and a means to improve overall circulation, pedestrian and bicycle safety, and economic vitality in Downtown Missoula. This Feasibility Study analyzed different improvement options using land use and traffic projections and develop a set of recommended alternatives that best meet the needs and objectives of the project. The Study reviewed the effects of the proposed conversion on the local economy, residential areas, motorized and non-motorized traffic flow, streetscape aesthetics, safety, parking, public transit, and air quality. Completed in 2014, the Study includes public and stakeholder involvement and close coordination with the City of Missoula and MDT. View the Front Street/Main Street Study Area .

Greater Downtown Master Plan

The MRA partnered with the Business Improvement District, the Missoula Parking Commission, the Missoula Downtown Association, and numerous business and property owners to create the first long range master plan for the downtown area. After over a year of planning and numerous public meetings, the plan was adopted by City Council in August 2009. The East Front Street parking structure is one of the first catalyst projects in the implementation phase. View the Greater Missoula Downtown Master Plan. For more information, please contact Ellen Buchanan at 406-552-6156.

Bitterroot Trail - Golden Spike Project

The Bitterroot Trail - Golden Spike Project will be completed in mid-July 2018.  The Bitterroot Trail is a heavily used commuter/recreation trail that, in conjunction with the new South Reserve Pedestrian Bridge, provides safe pedestrian and bike travel from downtown Missoula to Fort Missoula Regional Park and areas west of Reserve Street.  The project has been nicknamed the "Golden Spike" as this trail project will complete the final missing link in the 50-mile stretch of world-class trail connecting downtown Missoula and Hamilton, MT.  A ribbon cutting celebration will take place at 9:00am on Wednesday, July 18, 2018 on the trail at the intersection of the Bitterroot Trail and the new Central Avenue trail crossing - located on the trail midway between North Avenue and South Avenue.  

Montana Rail Link Park

MRA is leading development of Montana Rail Link (MRL) Park, the City’s newest neighborhood park being constructed in the Franklin to the Fort neighborhood in URD III. The new park site is located on approximately 4 acres of land, which is part of an approximately 14-acre parcel that MRL sold to the City at a substantially reduced price in early 2017. The City used $1.5 million of MRA funds and $500,000 of Open Space Bond funds to purchase this 14-acre parcel. It is located between North and South Avenue, Johnson Street, and the Bitterroot Rail line. Purchasing this land from MRL allowed the City to complete the final segment of the Bitterroot Trail, which now runs continuously between Downtown Missoula and the City of Hamilton, more than 50 miles to the south. It also allowed converting a vacant lot into a much needed neighborhood park in the Franklin to the Fort neighborhood.

MRA worked collaboratively with the City’s Parks and Recreation Department to develop a master plan for MRL park through an extensive neighborhood input process. Residents who participated in the master planning process emphasized a desire for lots of open green space, a playground, a community garden, a dog park, a multi-use playing court, and a small pavilion. A design team led by DHM Design Landscape Architects was hired to develop the master plan into a detailed park plan and to create construction documents. The design team loosely organized the site design to reflect a rail yard, incorporating rail artifacts donated by MRL. The round playground with its locomotive play structures and radiating walks might be seen as the rail yard roundhouse, and the linear rows of the community garden might be seen as a series of rail tracks that terminate at bumper stops defining an entry plaza. A signal tower cantilevered over the recently completed Bitterroot Trail serves as a sculptural entry feature.  Master Plan

Park construction began in May 2018 and is expected to be substantially complete by the end of October 2018, although trees and furnishings will not be installed until early next spring. Dick Anderson Construction (DAC) is managing construction.

Mary Avenue West
Missoula has identified the extension of Mary Avenue from Brooks Street through the Southgate Mall property and across the Bitterroot Branch rail line to Reserve Street in long range transportation plans for at least two decades.  The opportunity to make that extension has never been possible until now.  Southgate Mall is in the process of reinventing itself by externalizing the Mall and building a network of streets that connect to surrounding neighborhoods.  The Mall project presented the City with an opportunity to make the Mary Street Extension a reality.  The portion of the street between Brooks and the railroad tracks currently is being built as part of the Mall project with funding from the MRA.

The plan for modifications to Mary Avenue West from the tracks to Reserve is being developed through an extensive public outreach process involving the residents, businesses and the property owners on Mary Avenue and the surrounding neighborhood.  The process has involved numerous one-on-one meetings with residents and property owners and two public community design workshops.  Through this process the design team has developed a conceptual plan with broad community support.  View the Mary Avenue West Conceptual Plan

The project is scheduled for construction during the 2017 construction season.  The engineering consultants sent the following letter to Mary Avenue West residents the week of February 13, 2017, encouraging anyone who needs to make sewer or water utility improvements to do so before construction begins.  Letter from DJ&A

For more information contact Annette Marchesseault at or 406.552.6158.

​California Street Preliminary Design

MRA has undertaken a project to complete the preliminary design of California Street from Dakota Street to S. 3rd St. W. in URD II.  In 2012, the preliminary design of California Street from the Clark Fork River to Dakota Street was completed. (Preliminary Design)  The current project will complete the preliminary design for the vision of a reconstructed California Street in URD II, and provide a blueprint for redevelopment activity along California Street between Dakota Street and S. 3rd St. W.

The project goals include improving public safety for all modes of travel on the reconstructed street; along with the addition of curb, gutter, and sidewalks.  MRA has contracted with WGM Group, Inc. of Missoula for the preliminary design work.  WGM Group completed the previous preliminary design of California from the Clark Fork River to Dakota Street, and will continue their design efforts on California Street south to S. 3rd St. W.

The first step of the project involved notifying the neighborhood and other stakeholders of the project.  In September 2017, the design team met with the Riverfront Neighborhood Leadership Team and introduced the Project at a general meeting of the Riverfront Neighborhood Council.  WGM Group then completed a retracement survey of the California Street right-of-way and property boundary lines in the project area and proceeded to meet with interested individuals and groups.  Following the public outreach efforts, three design alternatives were developed for California Street from Dakota Street to S. 3rd St. W.

The design alternatives were presented at a public open house on May 17, 2018.  The presentation can be found at:
Based on public comment received and input from various City Departments, a preferred design alternative emerged and the preferred design has been developed to a 70% preliminary design stage.  The Project Team will present the preferred design alternative for California Street at a public open house on Oct. 2, 2018 between 5:30-7:30pm at the Salvation Army, 355 S. Russell Street.  Preferred Design Alternative

At this time, no schedule has been set for a construction phase.  Moving forward, MRA will be working to identify funding partners and funding sources to finance the construction budget for the project.  Questions regarding the preferred design alternative can be addressed to Jeremy Keene, WGM Group, (406) 728-4611, or Tod Gass, MRA, (406) 552-6159,

Old Sawmill District Project

After nearly 100 years as a lumber mill, the 45-acre site along the south shore of the Clark Fork River is being cleaned up and made ready for an urban-density, multi-use residential, and commercial neighborhood. Now called the Old Sawmill District, the site is adjacent to the downtown core and established residential neighborhoods. The project will also feature a nearly 15-acre riverfront public park, an extensive trail system, and parking for the civic stadium which hosts the Osprey minor-league baseball team and other events. View the Old Sawmill District online. For more information, please contact Ellen Buchanan at 406-552-6156.

Russell Street Corridor Design Study

Progressive Urban Management Associates conducted a study, including a public process, to examine urban design and land use regulation as part of the City's effort to shape future building design and land use along Russell Street from South Third Street West to West Broadway. The resulting report,  Russell Street Development Recommendations, contains a summary of public input and recommendations. Funded by a grant through the Sonoran Institute, the project was completed in conjunction with the City of Missoula’s Development Services and the Missoula Redevelopment Agency. 

Southgate Area Redevelopment Plan

The primary objective of the Southgate Area Redevelopment Plan is to identify strategies for redeveloping vacant property south of Southgate Mall and provide direction on how to best apply public and private dollars toward that goal. The plan defines a vision for the property and contains specific goals and objectives to achieve that vision. View the Southgate Area Redevelopment Plan Summary Report - July 2006. If you are interested in this area of URD III, please contact Ellen Buchanan at 406-552-6156.

South Reserve Pedestrian Bridge Crossing

Missoula County received a TIGER grant for construction of the Missoula to Lolo Trail (M2L). One of the biggest challenges for trail connectivity is getting bicyclists and pedestrians safely across South Reserve Street.  The MRA proposed to build a grade separated crossing of Reserve and in 2015, the City issued Tax Increment Revenue bonds for the construction of a bicycle/pedestrian bridge over Reserve Street, creating a safe connection between the M2L and the Bitterroot Branch Trails.  The end result will be a trail system from downtown Missoula to downtown Hamilton, a stretch of approximately 45 miles.For more information, please contact Ellen Buchanan at 406-552-6156. 

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