Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer with Missoula Parks and Recreation!

Your Parks and Trails need your help!  Find out you or your group can contribute to your community by giving back to our Trails and Parks!  We have opportunities for people of all ages and abilities!  It can be as simple as an individual helping for an hour on your day off, or your community organization adopting a local park to help keep it clean year round.  Please click the link below, or email Tyler Deckerphone 552-6271 to find out what you can do to help!

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Trees For Missoula
Trees for Missoula is a nonprofit organization which supports and promote a larger, healthier urban forest for Missoula. Volunteers are needed to:
  • Support the  Urban Forestry Division, by volunteering to plant and care for public trees.
  • Educate Missoula residents about the value and benefits of our urban trees — public and private — and the roles we all play in keeping those trees healthy.
  • Promote the proper planting and care of trees by private citizens on their own properties in town.

Group Volunteer Opportunities

We are happy to work with groups to create a unique volunteer opportunity for interested groups.  Please call or email Tyler Decker, 552-6271 to find our how your business, school group, community organization, church, club, or team can give back to your public lands.

Types of projects individuals or groups can help with:

  • Wildflower seed collecting 
  • Invasive weed removal
  • Tree planting
  • Planting native species of wildflower and grasses
  • Jr. Lifeguard/Swim Instructors
  • Teen-Workreation
  • Coach a youth bike or sports team
  • Help at a fundraising run or large community event!
  • Litter removal from Parks and Trails
  • Rose Park garden maintenance
  • Trail Work
  • Painting picnic tables, shelters, and benches
  • Helping track bedding habits of Elk on Jumbo
  • Adopt your neighborhood park and keep it clean!

Special Thanks to last years volunteers!

Alexis Beagle
Alicia Leggett
Amber Robinson
Andy Thomas
Ashley Cossairt
Barbara Ross
Bert Lindler
Beth Smalley
Boy Scout Troop 1144
Branwyn Jaeger
Bryan Cossairt
Carle S. Davis
Charlotte Langner
Chief Charlo 4th grade Students 
Chris Henderson
Clark Fork Coalition
Craig Holtet
Eric Luongo
Garden City Flyers
Girl Scouts
Greenough Neighborhood Group
Hellgate High Seniors
Jeff Rice
Jenna Tomiello
Jeremy Baldwin
Jessica Brown
Joe Thoreson
Jr. Playmakers Football Coaches
Jr. Playmakers Soccer Coaches
Kayla Zurosky
Kristopher Guymon
Lechel Hegge
Lewis and Clark Elementary
 Liliana Walker
Lillian Gilsoul
Linda Johnson
Loyola High School
Madison Flaget
Marshall Mountain, Bruce Doering & Staff
Megan Anderson
Megan Fischer
Montana Conservation Corp
Montana Disc Company
Mountain Bike Missoula, Brian Williams
National Public Lands Day Volunteers
Native Yards, Giles Thelen
Opportunity Resources
Parade of Lights Volunteers
Patricia Blakeslee
Poverello Center
Rattlesnake Elementary Students
Rebecca Nordhagen

National Smokejumper Association 
Russell Afterschool Program Volunteers 
Ryan Barr 

Sam Schultz 
Sandra Morrison-Paris 
Santa’s Calling Volunteers 
Scott Stires 
Sentinel High Students 
Seth Swanson
Sherwin Williams Store #8455
Sportsman’s Warehouse
Sydnee Stires
Teen Workreation Volunteers
Tilly Canton
Tom Boleman
Tony Hafner
Torrey Holmquist
Trees for Missoula Volunteers:
Beth Warren
Betty Kinsey
Carol Sajor
Deirdre Swanson
Del Zetterberg
Dorothea Kast
Gary Hawk
Jim Burchfield
John Englert
John Matthews
John Michael Trauscht
John Snively
Karen Joynt
Karen Sippy
Kathi Kadri
Larry Turville
Marcus Jackson
Mary Lawrence
Mike Alterowitz
Mike Peterson
Randy Heaton
Steve Roys

Sue LaRose
Tom Cook
Vick Applegate
UM Forestry Student Association
UM Japanese Student Association
UM Neighborhood Ambassadors
UM Ultimate Frisbee Team        
UM Wilderness and Civilization Program
UM Women’s Soccer Team
Winter Carnival Volunteers

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