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guiding the city’s growth by implementing thoughtful land use policies, working with the development community to accommodate quality development and redevelopment, and working with community members to ensure that Missoula can remain vibrant and dynamic while retaining its unique character and quality of life.

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  1. Concrete: Cold Weather Protection

    With cold weather in the air and more to be expected, the Missoula Building Division wants to remind all contractors to ensure Missoula's cold weather concreting requirements are being adhered to. Read on...
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BUILDING DEPT GRAPHICThe Building Division includes the Building Official, plan reviewers, and inspectors. The Building Official functions as the AHJ (Agency Having Jurisdiction), providing official code interpretations for the jurisdiction, and administering the Building Codes Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS) Program. The building department reviews all building plans, including new, remodel, residential, and commercial plans for compliance to building code. The City of Missoula building department applies state adopted code. They complete field inspections to validate plans are implemented as approved and structures are built to code.

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