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  1. Northside Pedestrian Bridge project update

    Reopening the bridge is the City's top transportation priority. If the City receives a qualified bid at an acceptable price and timeline, construction could begin in late summer, and the bridge would reopen in late 2023. Read on...
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It should come as no surprise that Missoula is recognized as one the most livable cities in the U.S. Year after year, Missoula places high in rankings such as the nation’s best small towns, best communities for young people, best places to raise kids, best cities for successful aging, coolest towns in America, and my personal favorite "best towns ever."

Missoula is recognized for its strong economy, entrepreneurship and educational opportunities, as well as its natural beauty, recreational activities, sporting events, arts and culture, dining and yes, microbreweries.

These competitive advantages result in robust yet sustainable population growth. Development Services is tasked with guiding the city’s growth by implementing thoughtful land use and transportation policies, working with the development community to accommodate quality development and redevelopment and working with citizens to ensure that Missoula can remain vibrant and dynamic while retaining its unique character and quality of life.

Development Services is primarily responsible for:

  • Permitting and Land Use: Planning approvals, development review, plan review, permitting, site and engineering inspections, licensing and code compliance
  • Building: Building, plumbing, electrical and mechanical inspections and building plan review

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