REACH MORE: Adaptive and Inclusive Recreation

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Missoula summer camp includes children of all abilities
August 21, 2016 Missoulian

Inclusive in Missoula: Organizers learn to make kids' camps fun for everyone
June 8, 2015 Missoulian

 Play has crucial and wide-ranging benefits to children and the people around them. When children of all abilities play together, kids learn to appreciate the differences between people and respect the perspective of others. Playing together connects our community and creates fun, happy memories we call all share. 

These programs are designed to allow people of all abilities to recreate together. Give us a call to discuss inclusiveness options in our other recreation programs.  Please contact Meg Rogosienski at 552-6271 or email Meg.

McCormick Park is home to Silver Summit, a new, universally-accessible playground. The All-Abilities Playground Project continues to raise funds to expand the playground.  Learn more at The Playground Project
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Silver Summit