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Welcome to Missoula Water! We provide drinking water, irrigation, and fire protection to the citizens of the Missoula community.

Just below Missoula is one of the finest sources of groundwater in America, the Missoula Valley Aquifer. It’s an incredible source of clean, fresh water, but in some places it’s no deeper than 40 feet below the surface, making it very susceptible to contamination. Let’s all work together to keep our water clean and protect our most valuable resource.

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Water Service Billing—Metered Service vs. Flat Rate Service

There are two types of billing methods for water service:  Metered or Flat Rate, and both are billed on a monthly. All new structures are required to have meters, so most homes in Missoula have metered service.

  • Metered Service: Customers are billed according to a fixed rate based on meter size in addition to your water usage for the month. Many of our customers prefer metered usage as their conservation efforts are reflected by a savings on their bill.
  • Flat Rate Service: Customers are billed a flat fee based on the number of rooms, baths, and toilets in the home not on actual consumption. There is also a separate flat rate sprinkling charge based on the square footage of the yard.

 If you are interested in changing from a flat rate to a metered rate, please contact our Customer Service Team.