Mary Avenue West

Missoula has identified the extension of Mary Avenue from Brooks Street through the Southgate Mall property and across the Bitterroot Branch rail line to Reserve Street in long range transportation plans for at least two decades.  The opportunity to make that extension has never been possible until now.  Southgate Mall is in the process of reinventing itself by externalizing the Mall and building a network of streets that connect to surrounding neighborhoods.  The Mall project presented the City with an opportunity to make the Mary Street Extension a reality.  The portion of the street between Brooks and the railroad tracks currently is being built as part of the Mall project with funding from the MRA.

The plan for modifications to Mary Avenue West from the tracks to Reserve is being developed through an extensive public outreach process involving the residents, businesses and the property owners on Mary Avenue and the surrounding neighborhood.  The process has involved numerous one-on-one meetings with residents and property owners and two public community design workshops.  Through this process the design team has developed a conceptual plan with broad community support.   

The project is scheduled for construction during the 2017 construction season.  The engineering consultants sent the following letter to Mary Avenue West residents the week of February 13, 2017, encouraging anyone who needs to make sewer or water utility improvements to do so before construction begins.  Letter from DJ&A

For more information contact Annette Marchesseault at or 406.552.6158.