Storm Water Division

Everyday Pollutants

Runoff from Missoula properties and streets collect in storm water inlets, flowing directly to our aquifer, rivers, and streams. This runoff can carry pollutants: oil from our cars, fertilizer from our gardens, animal waste, spilled chemicals, trash left on the ground, sediments, and anything else small enough to be picked up by storm water. These pollutants affect our local industries and economies downstream. Together, we are working to reduce these pollutants and keep our rivers and streams safe and clean.

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Illicit Discharge

Worried there might be a polluting, illicit discharge in your neighborhood? You can either use the online form or call the general spill reporting number 406-258-4890. Any discharge not comprised entirely of rainfall or snowmelt is illicit and should be reported. Call 911 if reporting an illicit discharge after hours or in the event of a serious hazard to life, property, or environment. Missoula Valley Water Quality District (MVWQD) is an organization of the County Health Department and responds to all illicit discharge complaints.

Storm Water Facility & Operations Plan

Curious about your storm water footprint and how storm water affects your life? Read the Storm Water Facility and Operations Plan and the utility services provided to Missoula residents:

If you have construction project complaints or suspect illicit discharge, report online anonymously. To reach the general spill hotline during business hours call 406-258-4890, or, for after hours dispatch call 911. Missoula County's MVWQD responds to all illicit discharge complaints.