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Community Workshop #3

View a video of the third workshop.


See the proposed zoning standards and guidelines below:

Executive Summary

Corridor Overlay Standards

Downtown Overlay Standards

Design Manual (full)

A hardcopy of these documents is also available at Development Services and at the Missoula Public Library.  

Please submit comments using our comment form, or by email to design@ci.missoula.mt.us, or in writing to City of Missoula, Development Services, 435 Ryman, Missoula, MT 59802.

Comments are due by April 3rd 2018.


The City of Missoula, along with urban planning specialists Winter & Co., are undertaking a community-engaged project to explore a variety of character management strategies to address community concerns about quality building development in the commercial corridors and downtown of Missoula. The goal is to implement a system that will promote high quality commercial building development in terms of design, materials, construction and character.

For more information, please see the Project Overview document or the Study Area Map.

Building design standards and design guidelines are being considered for building development along the commercial corridors and in the downtown.

Corridor Types Map

Map of Commercial Corridors identified in Design Excellence Project

Downtown Map

Map of Downtown SubDistrict in Design Excellence Project

Community Workshop #2:

Thanks to the 60+ participants who attended the workshop at the DoubleTree Hotel and stakeholder meetings for your time and comments.

For those who wish to review the event, MCAT provides a video of the workshop.

Based on community input and technical advice, a summarizing Strategy Report and Strategy Update were developed and reviewed by the Land Use and Planning Committee in November, 2017. 

Review the Strategy Report and Strategy Update.

In conjunction with the recommended strategies, is a first phase of economic findings.  This Economic Findings report generally considers the economic effect of design standards and design guidelines.  As the project moves forward, the consultant team will analyze a series of hypothetical development scenarios to assess the potential impacts of the Missoula’s Design Excellence program on project feasibility. 

Review the Phase 1 -- Economic Findings

Nori Winter discusses urban design in Missoula with Community Workshop participants
Noré Winter discusses urban design in Missoula with Community Workshop participants