Missoula Design Excellence


The Design Excellence Zoning Overlay was approved by City Council on December 17th, 2018 and will go into effect on January 16th, 2019!

The Design Excellence Zoning Overlay has been approved and adopted by the City of Missoula. The date that the overlay goes into effect is January 16th, 2019. Projects that are submitted after this date will be reviewed for the new requirements in the adopted overlay. This website will be updated as we get closer to the date that the overlay goes into effect. For information on the overlay, review the materials contained on this page, or contact the Development Services zoning help desk at 406-552-6625, or by email at cityzoner@ci.missoula.mt.us.

Adopted and Approved Final Public Review Documents are now available for review: 

There are several public review draft materials that make up the overall project.

  1. The final ordinance includes a general chapter, standards for the DE-Downtown Overlay, and the DE-Corridor Overlay, and proposed additions to the current Title 20 zoning code.   
  2. The associated Design Excellence Manual (PDF) provides additional flexible guidelines to be used for review of projects triggering Design Excellence Review (DER), and was approved by resolution by City Council.
  3. The proposed district boundary maps (PDF) shows where the specific Overlay Sub-districts were approved to be applied throughout the City.
Additional Zoning Amendments

Additional zoning amendments were approved by City Council in relation to the Design Excellence Overlay. Specifically, Special District #2 was rezoned to B2, B3, C1 and C2, and the Enterprise Commercial (/EC) Overlay was repealed..

View Current Projects in the City for information on these additional zoning amendments .