Resident Discount Program & Cards

Resident Discount Program

Residents of Missoula contribute directly to the operations of Missoula Parks and Recreation Department programs and contracted services through payment of their property taxes. The Resident Discount Policy is administered through the purchase of a Resident Discount Card. The card allows residents to receive a reduced rate on Parks and Recreation Department programs. Residents who choose not to use the Resident Discount Card Program, and all non-residents will pay the regular fee for all programs and services.

The Resident Discount Card is completely optional and is not required to register for any Parks and Recreation program. The card simply allows Missoula city residents to receive a reduced rate if they so desire.


Missoula residents live within the city limits. The actual physical boundaries for the City of Missoula are not the same area as those set by the U.S. Postal Service for mail delivery. Even though you may have a Missoula mailing address, you might not reside within the Missoula City limits. Owning property or a business within the Missoula City limits does not constitute one as a Missoula resident.

If you have questions concerning your residency, contact Parks and Recreation at 406-721-PARK. The statutory definition of the term residence pursuant to section 1-1-215(1) MCA is: "where a person remains when not called elsewhere for labor or other special or temporary purpose and to which the person returns in seasons of repose."

Discount Cards

Resident Discount Cards may be obtained at the Parks and Recreation Office or Currents Aquatics Center. Please bring a current billing statement from cable television, utility, or voter registration card as proof of residency. Each family member wanting to receive a discounted rate will need his or her own card.


  • New cards are $2 each and are valid for the calendar year beginning January 1 and expiring December 31.
  • Renew the same card each year for $1.

Cards can be purchased or renewed anytime starting January 1 and will expire each year on December 31. For more information concerning the Resident Discount Card, call Parks and Recreation at 406-721-PARK.

Registration Process

Missoula residents wanting to register as a city resident must have their Resident Discount Card at the time of registration. The resident discount is good for residents whose name and picture appear on the presented card. No one can register for someone else at the resident discounted rate without having that persons resident discount card(s) with them at the time of registration.

Residents will be required to show their resident discount card at the first day of a program if they registered by mail at the discounted rate. Non-residents who register as residents by mail will be required to submit the balance prior to continuing in the program.


Residents using this Resident Discount Program will receive a fee reduction of approximately 20% (rounded up to the nearest $0.25.) For example, you purchase the Resident Discount Card for your child for $2. Next, you register your child for Kids In Action. The regular fee is $18. $18 x 20% discount = 14.40, rounded up to nearest quarter = Resident Discount Fee of $14.50. Some programs are exempt from the resident discount including adult sports teams and programs which are contracted with an outside provider.

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