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The population of Missoula has been growing at a rate of 1–2% over the past ten years which is reflected in the annual average of over
600 permitted residential dwelling units filed with the City according to the 2016 - 2017 UFDA Yearbook & 10-Year Review. This “Our
Missoula Development Guide: Looking Forward” report continues UFDA’s legacy providing a new Development Model intended to replace
the previous Residential Allocation Map to more definitively identify locations within the study area that have capacity for quality living
opportunities. Some key results of this analysis follow:

  • There is enough capacity in the Urban Services Area for the 6,500 new dwelling units expected over the next ten years.
  • The new Suitability Composite map helps to identify locations that support Focus Inward; over 1/2 of the capacity is at least “Fairly Suitable.”
  • An expected 216 units per year will develop on Entitled Lots, while 434 units annually should be directed into more suitable areas.
  • About 25% of entitled lots and unbuilt major TED lots are located in areas considered “Fairly Suitable” or “Suitable.”
  • There are over 2,000 vacant lots (not entitled) located in areas considered “Fairly Suitable” or better.
  • The majority of capacity is carried in B and C zoning districts (see Capacity Analysis on page 15).
  • Better utilizing densities as allowed by land use could add an additional 5,000 units to what is allowed by current zoning.


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