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Ordinances adopted but not yet codified

Ordinance 3621 (effective December 26, 2018) - A city initiated ordinance generally amending Title 20, Missoula Municipal Code, entitled “Zoning” to establish an “A” Aviation Zoning District and related regulations, amending and renaming Chapter 20.20 from “Open Space and Public Districts” to “Open Space, Public, and Aviation Districts” Sections 20.20.010 through 20.20.040 and Tables 20.20-1 and 20.20-2, renaming 20.20.050, and establishing Section 20.20.060; amending Chapter 20.40 entitled “Use and Building Specific Standards” relating to wireless communication facilities  amending Section 20.40.160D4 and Figure 20.40-10 in Section 20.40.160F3, amending Chapter 20.105 entitled “Use Classifications” Section 20.105.010A and establishing Section 20.105.055 entitled “Aviation”.

Ordinance 3620 (effective December 26, 2018) - An ordinance generally amending Title 20, entitled “Zoning” amending Chapter 20.25 entitled “Overlay Districts” to establish Section 20.25.075, the /NC-MDP Missoula Development Park Overlay zoning district  and amend Section 20.25.040G. and refer this matter to the Land Use and Planning committee.

Subdivision Regulation

Subdivision Regulations  

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